The Publication

Bolivian Express is part of Bolivia Unlimited, a legally registered company in Bolivia which also runs the BX DocUnit programme. Our team of professional journalists, reporters, editors and graphic designers work across all three publications. The magazine is aimed at all English speakers in the country and abroad, including travellers, expatriates and even Bolivians themselves! We aim to produce a free publication which is interesting, accessible, engaging and stylish. This is where you come in.

We produce a free magazine in full colour, rich in articles and photographs, and available both in print and online. The magazine is distributed for free in hotels, cafes, restaurants and cultural venues. 



In recent years the country has witnessed substantial institutional and social changes. How are these changes playing out and how do they affect international relations? Every person, neighbourhood, village and city has its own version of the events and the prospects for the country. It is our aim to tell these stories through genuine investigative work.

Adventure and Travel

Going on an amazing journey somewhere in Bolivia? Why not document it and share it with your fellow travellers. In the best tradition of travel writing, this will include practical advice and information, as well as cultural flavour and personal experiences.


Whatever way you look at it, Bolivia is a highly heterogenous place, perhaps more so than any other country in the continent. With so many religions, ethnic identities and landscapes scattered across a country at the heart of South America, it is not surprising Bolivia is also host to an astonishing range of local traditions and folklore. From dances and ceremonies to contemporary art, we aim to distil the country's richness into carefully crafted journalistic pieces and photographs.


If you've been out clubbing or bar-hopping in La Paz (or Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Sucre, etc.) you will know that within minutes you can go from being in a VIP minimalist techno enclave to dancing with morenos and caporales in a peña drinking chicha. Writing in the nightlife section, you will help us decipher and communicate to readers how bizarrely magical it feels to be out at night in this eccentric land which hybridises Europe, the US and the Inca Empire.

Photography aND DESIGN

Working as a photographer for BX Magazine will involve showing why just words just aren't enough to do justice to a good story. The magazine has featured the work of over 50 professional photographers, including Michael Dunn, Nick Ballón and Evan Abramson, as well as a range of illustrators such as Marco Tóxico, Oscar Zalles, Joaquín Cuevas.


We keep a space for whatever creative inspiration blossoms within you during your stay, be it short stories, poetry or comics. We will also accept illustrations and visual artwork.