Terms and Conditions

      All participants of any Bolivia Unlimited programme are required to have valid insurance providing coverage in the case of medical emergencies, theft or loss. Bolivia Unlimited cannot take responsibility for any uninsured participant.

      All participants of any Bolivia Unlimited programme must take full responsibility for their actions as adults, in accordance with the Political Constitution of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, which legally recognises any person of 18 years of age or above as an adult.

      The consumption of any illegal substance within the Bolivia Unlimited house is strictly prohibited. This rule will be enforced by the social coordinators of the programme. In case of infringement of this rule, the participant in question will be ejected from the programme without any refund of their security deposit.

      Bolivia Unlimited retains the right to use, reproduce and distribute any material (be it journalistic, visual or photographic) produced by any participant of a Bolivia Unlimited programme.

      All participants of any Bolivia Unlimited programme must maintain a harmonious work and living environment, and must not exhibit any behaviour that may put such an environment at risk. They must act respectfully towards the Bolivia Unlimited staff and fellow participants, treat the personal possessions of others with respect and keep noise and disorder to an absolute minimum inside the Bolivia Unlimited house.   

      Bolivia Unlimited retain the right to terminate the contract of any participant without refund on the grounds of any violation of the above Terms and Conditions.