BX Programme Pricing

Journalism Programme

1 month: USD 1.200

2 months: USD 1.900

3 months: USD 2.500

Extra Month: USD 600

  • Pre-trip orientation
  • Airport pickup
  • Arrival orientation and welcome package
  • Shared accommodation in the Sopocachi district of La Paz
  • Spanish classes (6 hours per week)
  • Photography Tuition (2 hours per week)
  • Lunch  Monday-Friday
  • Wifi, TV
Also Included
  • Attendance at editorial meetings and chance to write articles for BX Magazine
  • Contact with our staff in Bolivia who will be able to give you advice and further contacts during your stay here.
  • Contact with our staff in Europe should you have any concerns or worries about your stay
  • Press Pass for the duration of your stay

We are an organisation that aims to create a platform for cross-cultural exchange. As our team is small we aim to forge personal links with our journalists, and members of management are only ever a phone call away. Our journalists are put in touch with Bolivian contacts who collaborate with article research and provide advice and guidance.

What is the Salary?

The programmes we offer are voluntary work experience opportunities, it is not salaried employment. We organize your arrival, accommodation, classes and provide you with our infrastructure, whilst you have the possibility gain work experience in the exciting environment of La Paz. We also put you in touch with Bolivian students and other important contacts who may be able to help with your article, or who are just interested in cultural exchange, getting to know you and hanging out. As a publication, and with your press pass in hand you will be entitled to certain discounts, and gain access to special places. Sometimes you will be writing gonzo style articles, and if you tell businesses you are writing about them you may be able to negotiate some form of exchange or discount on their products. Any such discounts or trade offs on price you negotiate will be yours to keep.

What is my money going towards?

  • Accommodation (+ electricity + wi-fi + cleaning service + cable TV)
  • Paying for all tuition offered
  • Paying for the production costs of the magazine (design and editing)
  • A contribution towards the printing and distribution costs of the publication (which is free to all readers)
  • Organisation and management costs
  • Legal and technical costs

In addition to the above, the cost of participating in the programme goes towards furthering the aims in our mission statement, as well as making the Bolivian Express a self-sustaining social enterprise. Insofar as our circumstances allow us to do so, we also provide support to partner organisations (such as the Hormigon Armado, a foundation that supports street children in La Paz).

The participation cost is a necessary fee that goes both towards funding your stay (the costs and organisation incurred in offering the above) and supporting us as a foundation. We are a free publication, and so aim to cover the monthly production and distribution costs of the magazine. Any surplus goes towards developing the goals in our mission statement, the creation of a platform for cross-cultural dialogue and fostering ties between Bolivia and the English speaking world. BX has consistently received praise and recognition from important governmental and non-governmental figures, most recently from the Bolivian Minister of Culture.

What costs should I factor in for my whole trip?

You will need to pay:

  • Your flights
  • Programme cost: See the table above for prices, plus our breakdown of what this includes
  • Personal medical/travel insurance (if your existing one does not cover you abroad)
  • Cost of living in Bolivia: food, transport around town, going out, any trips you want to make: See section below for cost estimate
  • Any visa costs, should your nationality require a visa. See our visa page for more information

Cost of Living in Bolivia

As a general guideline, Bolivia is a cheap place to live - many locals live comfortably on less than £250 a month including accommodation. However, as a tourist you are likely to want to travel and go out on nice treats (!) so put aside at least £350 for general expenses plus the occasional treat. Meals cost anything from less than a pound, to 8 pounds for a fancy 3 course Japanese meal. Transport is inexpensive but you might be taking a few taxis, which cost anything from £0.60 to £2.50 within the city. The cost of Minibuses, the most common form of transport, varies but should never rise above £0.30 for a trip within the centre.

Cost of flights

You should always be able to get a flight out from the UK for about £1000. Depending on when you fly, or how far advance you book you can also get deals for as little as £700. If you see websites that try to sell it to you for more, do not be put off, a little hunting around and internet trawling should get you a price in the right bracket. www.ebookers.com is an excellent website for good deals, and Skyscanner, Kayak.com, STA Travel and Journey Latin America often also have special offers on.